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Quito Street Tours is based in Quito specializing in engaging, experiential tours deep inside the "barrios".

This project started by a motivation to show La Floresta to travelers, to create a foundation of tourism in this neighborhood that can support local businesses and grow the positive attitude here. Later on expanding to other neighborhoods.

Our philosophy of tourism is to run our business in a healthy and happy way. We value environmental, social and financial sustainability, and work to foster that in every place we lead tours.

Quito Street Tours values not only places, as in neighborhoods, but the people who live there, the projects they are working on, and the efforts those people are making to create a healthy world. Thats one of the reasons why you'll always be guided by a neighbor from the area.

It is the official opinion of Quito Street Tours that we all sink or swim together in the big challenges of the world today - conserving and protecting our natural world; fighting sexism, racism, xenophobia, ageism, ableism, ​and other forms of oppression that keep any of us from being as human as we want to be. For that reason, we believe in connection, and work to foster that on our tours, and with our relationships in the community.


Our Experts


Tuno was born and raised in Quito and has followed his alternative and design-based ambitions for the most of the last 30 years. His projects have been foundational parts of the growing Do-It-Yourself culture in La Floresta and other neighborhoods around the city. He founded "De La Floresta" - a collective of independent business owners and cultural entrepreneurs in the area.


Jorge is a parkour-ista, active in the parkour world of La Tola and San Juan - some of the beautiful neighborhoods in Quito's famous Old Town (Centro Historico). Jorge loves sharing his unique story and perspective with people who come on the Old Town tour. He is a thoughtful person, and knows his way around Old Town maybe better than anyone we know!


Emerson, a native to Wisconsin, is an administrator with our team. He founded the tours along with Tuno, and has a deep love for Quito, where he lived for 2 years and where he dove into the wonderful world of La Floresta. Since the early stages of this project, Emerson has learned heaps about life in Quito, and around Ecuador, and wants the world to see the beauty he sees there, too!



“Best city tour ever"

The most informative and interesting tour I've ever done.


“Best bang for your buck"

Quito Street Tours gives you an insider look into one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city.


Probably the best guided tour I've ever taken. Guide was personable, extremely well informed and informative, full of fascinating background on La Floresta's history, art culture, street art, Quito and Ecuador society.


After taking a couple of stale walking tours in Quito, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across [this] tour of La Floresta.


“Must do while in Quito”
"Clearly the best tour I've ever taken"

My favorite part of the tour (besides getting to ask copious amounts of questions and have them answered) was to see how many people came up to [our guide] and ... gave him secret handshakes


“It's the little things”

[The tour] ... shows us the little things, the parts of Quito that tourists never get to see, the things that make Quito so wonderful.




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Quito Street Tours has security and evacuation plans for all of its tours, although is not responsible for any robbery, scam, or any other kind of accident during any hosted tour or other event.

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