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Looking for something specific? We are available for private, specialized tours that highlight certain areas of our expertise.
  • Institutional Orientation Tours:
    • ​For those new to Quito, an orientation tour highlights great places to go out for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee with new friends. As a bonus, the tour also introduces people to a handful of ways to connect with local people and activities in Quito.
  • Artist Studios and Artitians Workshop Tours: 
    • There are hundreds of artists producing amazing pieces of work inside their studios and workshops. We now many, and would love to introduce them to you. This could be the perfect way of reaching deep in to the culture and why not, buying something directly from the source.
  • Local Design Tours: 
    • These tours focus on the people who make quality, local goods right in Quito. Visit workshops where Quiteño designers make everything from clothes to ceramic art, furniture to recycled messenger bags. designers making the best in alternative handicrafts in Quito.
  • Quito Graffiti Tours  
    • From South To North, Quito is a big city. Each neighborhood hosts different crews that give color to the streets walls and gray spaces. Join us on a tour across different territories and styles that will show you the diversity in our graffiti culture. 
  • Local Food,  Chocolate, Cofee, Beer Tasting and more...
    Quito gathers the best gastronomy from all over the country. Let us walk you through the best "Huecas" - Street Food where only locals eat. Or if you prefer we can take you to the tops tier restaurants in the Quito. Are your more into sweets? Join us and try some the best desserts, chocolates, coffee and fruits from Ecuador!
You just let us know what you are exactly looking for!

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