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Foods to Try in Ecuador (Part I)

August 5, 2018

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Parque de las Comidas > Food Trucks

June 30, 2017

Eating good food in Quito is easy.

This place is ridden with "huecas" (hole-in-the-wall restaurants), fried street food, and restaurants putting modern flavor into traditional dishes. Any complete exploration of Ecuadorian cuisine should include a little of each.


The challenge is bobbing and weaving through the well-advertised and popularized restaurants that attract many into places with little of what we're actually looking for in an eating experience - soul, flavor, fun, and authenticity. What does a food truck plaza - a painfully pre-arranged imitation of spontaneity - have to offer someone looking to have an authentic food experience?


There are simply a few places that are not necessary to visit as you taste your way through Quito, Ecuador, South America, The World.


The best place to start your culinary journey in Quito? 

Parque Navarro, A.K.A. - Parque de las Comidas.



Parque de las Comidas, opening daily just before sunset and closing when the food is gone, is our choice to be the first step for the cuisine-curious.


As you approach it from the roundabout of La Floresta, coming down the hill on Ladron de Guevarra, the smells will have you drooling before you can even tell how many food stands you are about to peruse on your way to a delicious dinner, or pre-dinner snack.


Once you arrive at the edge of the recently-renovated park, the smoke rising into the heavens will lift above the turning empanadas, crispy pork, bowls of fresh ají, and of course, the tripas (intestine dishes). At this point, it is your turistic duty to let this sensory experience wash over you as you navigate your way through the happily conversing humans.


Don't just take our word for it, here is our friend in journalism, Gkillcity, spelling it out for you in spanish.