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Foods to Try in Ecuador (Part I)

August 5, 2018

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A neighborhood for the present + future

July 7, 2017

La Floresta is the Quito I fell in love with. It's a charming and green neighborhood whose storefronts reek of creative energy and industrious spirits. It's huecas (hole-in-the-wall restaurants) waft brilliant smells and boast full tables. Broken beer bottles glimmer gently on the tops of walls and the asphalt cracks in La Floresta. 


It sits on the eastern edge (and I do mean edge) of Quito, and just above Old Town, with Spanish colonial ambience flowing up from the south, and new-Quito edge-iness bleeding down from the north. The place is built on old money, and smells like new ideas.


Mixing the old with the new, the funcional with the hip, the Pilsener with the Los 3 Monjes, La Floresta is a step between worlds. The old world is where Quito was a small city, and the rich citizens did what they like, blissfully ignorant of the long term effects of their consumerist imperialism. 

 (Image: A Longnose Harlequin Frog, thought to be extinct, found near Intag in recently ceded mining territory)


The current world is where the Ecuadorian constitution gives rights to nature though Canadian mining companies dig for copper in Intag Cloud Forest.


The future world is where the biggest businesses in the world follow Pacari's model, the Ecuadorian government actually upholds nature's aforementioned right to life, and.... for good measure - maracuya juice is free.


Through the disposition to care for gardens, healthy lifestyles, and other people (all of which there are too many to hyper-link just one example), the people and places in La Floresta are creating, revising, editing, and re-writing the blueprint for economic success, and a lifestyle that values life.


Come feel the change happening on a walk with us tomorrow!


Thanks for reading :)



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