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Foods to Try in Ecuador (Part I)

August 5, 2018

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Warmi Paint changing the game

July 10, 2017


The street art scene in Ecuador is full of awesome women. Artist women like La Suerte and Vera Primavera  - both who have multiple works featured on our La Floresta Walking Tour - are doing amazing projects, both large and small-scale that enhance and challenge the male-dominated street art scene. Even in the alternative world of street art and graffiti, women still have extra work to do in order to reach the same kind of status or respect as men in the same scene.


To make that a little easier on women today, and to speed up the process towards a more even-keeled and respectful street art scene in Quito, the Warmi Paint festival gathered artists and art-lovers to build up women's street art here in Quito, and to add a louder voice to women's street art all over the world. (Warmi is the kechwa word for Women. Kechwa being the most widely-spoken indigenous language in Ecuador as brought here with the Inca expansion.)

The wonderful event these pictures are from happened in the year 2015, so please don't go looking for another event coming up online - it isn't planned yet. But! Do let this post remind you that street art is for women, just like it is for men, and you never know a creator by looking at the mural!


Look out for La Suerte, Vera Primavera, Mo Vasquez, Belen Bike and more on your walks about Quito! 




Women artists have covered many walls in La Floresta, and countless others throughout the rest of Ecaudor,