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Foods to Try in Ecuador (Part I)

August 5, 2018

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What to do after our Free Walking Tour?

August 24, 2018



Turists that already walked with us along the streets of Quito, are usually asking for our recommendations of were to go next or which travel agency is trustworthy. Well, here is one of our favourite alternatives to travel safe , and just like us, taking turists off the beaten path to those special places that other wise you would have never been able to see:


Wanderbus is the first and only hop on, hop off travel option around Ecuador, giving you a hassle-free, and safe, travel experience while bringing you together with like-minded travellers.


With over 18 must-see destinations around the country, you’ll see and do more in less time. By the end of your journey, you’ll have experienced the best of Ecuador, and made lifelong friends in the process.


It´s a fact, that each of their 10 passes was created with the traveller in mind.


They know Ecuador like the back of their hands and designed their routes to showcase the top Ecuador destinations, while also giving passengers a glimpse into authentic Ecuadorian life.


The best part is: it’s flexible. After selecting a pass (they have different alternatives), you can get off anywhere along the way, spend a few days enjoying the sights, and then hop back onto the next Wanderbus to continue your adventure. I guess it’s your way, your choice...


Make the most of your trip in Ecuador and after walking with us, you might want to travel with Wanderbus!


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